Wednesday, February 1, 2017


The Accountant (Rated R): Christian Wolff is a math savant who works as a freelance accountant for some of the world's most dangerous criminal organizations. With the Treasury Department's Crime Enforcement Division starting to close in, he takes on a legitimate client, a robotics company where an accounting clerk has discovered a discrepancy involving millions of dollars. But as Christian uncooks the books and gets closer to the truth, the body count starts to rise.

Birth of a Nation (Rated R): Set against the antebellum South, a literate slave and preacher, whose financially strained owner Samuel Turner, accepts an offer to use Nat's preaching to subdue slaves. As he witnesses countless atrocities against himself and his fellow slaves, Nat orchestrates an uprising in the hopes of leading his people to freedom.

Boo! A Madea Halloween (Rated PG-13): Madea winds up in the middle of mayhem when she spends a hilarious, haunted Halloween fending off killers, paranormal poltergeists, ghosts, ghouls, and zombies while keeping a watchful eye on a group of misbehaving teens.

Deepwater Horizon (Rated PG-13): For the one hundred and twenty people aboard the Deepwater Horizon offshore oil rig April 20, 2010, began like any normal day. Before day's end, the world would bear witness to one of the greatest man-made disasters in U.S. history. It reveals the brave acts of the men and women who rose to the challenge and risked everything to lead others to safety.

Denial (Rated PG-13): When Deborah Lipstadt speaks out against Holocaust denier David Irving over his falsification of history, she discovers that the stakes are higher than ever in the battle for historical truth. Now faced with a libel lawsuit in British court, Lipstadt and her attorney have the heavy burden of proving that the Holocaust actually happened, in a riveting legal fight with stunning consequences.

The Girl on the Train (Rated R): Rachel is unemployed and devastated by a recent divorce. She fills her time with drinking, riding the commuter train, and fantasizing about a seemingly perfect couple the train passes by every day. Then one morning, Rachel sees something shocking that unravels her and entangles her in an unfolding mystery.

I'm Not Ashamed (Rated PG-13): Devout teen Rachel Joy Scott shows compassion and love for her fellow students, until armed classmates enter Columbine High School on a fateful day that changes American forever. Her hopes and dreams seemed to end, but God was just getting started.

Jack Reacher Never Go Back (Rated PG-13): Jack Reacher must uncover the truth behind a major government conspiracy in order to clear his name. On the run as a fugitive from the law, Reacher uncovers a potential secret from his past that could change his life forever.

Keeping Up with the Joneses (Rated PG-13): An ordinary suburban couple finds it's not easy keeping up with their impossibly gorgeous and ultra-sophisticated new neighbors, the Jones'. Especially when they discover that Mr. and Mrs. Jones are covert operatives.

Light Between Oceans (Rated PG-13): A lighthouse keeper who lives off the coast of Australia with his wife, finds a baby on an adrift rowboat. They rescue and raise the child as their own, changing their lives and that of a stranger.

Masterminds (Rated PG-13): David, an armored truck driver, gets roped into one of the biggest bank heists in American history, making off with $17 million. But when his partners-in-crime keep the money and set him up for the fall, David must evade the authorities and a hitman while trying to reclaim the cash.

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Rated PG-13): When 16-year-old Jake unravels a mystery that spans alternate realities and times, he discovers a secret world for children with unusual powers, including levitating Emma, pyrokinetic Olive, and invisible Millard. But, danger soon arises and the children must band together to protect a world as extraordinary as they are.

Ouija 2: Origin of Evil (Rated PG): In 1967 Los Angeles a widowed mother and her two daughters add a new stunt to bolster their seance scam business and unwittingly invite authentic evil into their home. When the youngest daughter is overtaken by the merciless spirit, this small family confronts unthinkable fears to save her and send her possessor back to the other side.

Queen of Katwe (Rated PG-13): Based on the vibrant true story of a young girl from the streets of rural Uganda whose world rapidly changes when she is introduced to the game of chess, and, as a result of the support she receives from her family and community, is instilled with the confidence and determination she needs to pursue her dream of becoming an international chess champion.

Doctor Who: The Power of the Daleks (Not Rated): This is the completely missing third serial of the fourth season in the original Doctor Who, which was originally broadcast in six weekly parts. It is the first full story to feature Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor.

Homeland Season 5 (Rated TV-MA): Now working at a private security firm in Berlin, Carrie is trying to start a new life, but she soon discovers she can't escape her past. Blindsided by stunning betrayals, and without Saul and Quinn to rely on, Carrie must uncover a deadly conspiracy that puts thousands of lives at risk, including her own.

The Librarians Season 2 (Not Rated): An ancient organization hidden beneath the Metropolitan Public Library, dedicated to protecting an unknowing world from the magical reality hidden all around, solves mysteries, fights supernatural threats, and recovers powerful artifacts.

Victoria Season 1 (Not Rated): Depicts the early reign of Queen Victoria, from her accession to the throne at age 18 to her intense friendship with Lord Melbourne and marriage to Prince Albert. Starring Jenna Coleman.

Million Dollar American Princess (Rated PG-13): Join Elizabeth McGovern as she takes an in-depth look at the young American heiresses whose real life stories inspired the drama Downton Abbey. This series takes you from the late 1800s, when daughters of America's new industrial millionaires marry into the money-strapped British aristocracy, to the 20th century, when a new kind of American Princess wields power not through wealth, bu through character, style, and wit.

Sherlock Series Four (Not Rated): The mercurial Sherlock Holmes returns to British soil as Doctor Watson and his wife prepare for their biggest challenge yet--becoming parents.