Friday, February 8, 2019


A Star is Born (Rated R): Seasoned musician Jackson Maine discovers and falls in love with struggling artist Ally. She has given up on her dream to become a successful singer, until she meets Jack, who immediately sees her natural talent. This is the raw and passionate tale of Jack and Ally, two artistic souls coming together, on stage and in life. Theirs is a complex journey through the beauty and the heartbreak of a relationship struggling to survive.

Body Grooves Dance Your Heart Out (Not Rated): Each Body Groove Dance Your Heart Out workout series consists of six dance routines and each workout is about 30 minutes long. Series 1, 2, and 3 are complete half-hour dance parties that deliver a great, heart-pumping workout.

Bohemian Rhapsody (Rated PG-13): Follows the life of Freddie Mercury, from his joining the band Queen in 1970 to their Live Aid performance at Wembley Stadium in 1985.

Can You Ever Forgive Me? (Rated R): Lee Israel who made her living in the 70s and 80s profiling the likes of Katherine Hepburn, Tallulah Bankhead, Estee Lauder, and journalist Dorothy Kilgallen. When Lee is no longer able to get published because she has fallen out of step with current tastes, she turns her art form to deception, abetted by her loyal friend Jack. An adaptation of the memoir, the true story of best-selling celebrity biographer (and friend to cats).

Front Runner (Rated R): The 1988 presidential campaign for American Senator Gary Hart is derailed when he's caught in a scandalous love affair.

The Girl in the Spider's Web (Rated R): Lisbeth Salander and journalist Mikael Blomkvist work together to rescue a dangerous computer program from the hands of an evil figure from Lisbeth's past.

The Grinch (Rated PG): The story of a cynical grump who goes on a mission to steal Christmas, only to have his heart changed by a young girl's generous holiday spirit. It is a universal story about the spirit of Christmas and the indomitable power of optimism.

Happy Prince (Rated R): The untold story of the last days of author Oscar Wilde, who regards the difficulties that beset his life with detachment and humor.

Little Mermaid (Rated G): Venture under the sea with Ariel in this anniversary edition of this classic Disney hit. Sing along with the award-winning songs and venture inside the studio for original recording sessions.

Mary Queen of Scots (Rated R): Queen of France at sixteen, widowed at eighteen, Mary Stuart defies pressure to remarry and instead returns to her native Scotland to reclaim her rightful throne. By birth, she also have a rival claim to the throne of Elizabeth I, who rules as the Queen of England. Mary asserts her claim to the English throne, threatening Elizabeth's sovereignty. Betrayal, rebellion, and conspiracies within each court imperil both Queens, driving them apart, as each woman experiences the bitter cost of power.

Nobody's Fool (Rated R): Trying to get back on her feet, wild child Tanya looks to her buttoned-up, by-the-book sister Danica to help her get on track. As these polar opposites collide, with hilarious and sometimes disastrous results, Tanya discovers that Danica's picture-perfect life, including her mysterious boyfriend, may not be what it seems.

Once Upon a Deadpool (Rated PG-13): In this sanitized version of Deadpool 2, offering the mayhem of the original as if it were a Princess Bride-style bedtime story being told to a full-grown Fred Savage, Deadpool assembles a team to protect a young mutant from Cable, a dangerous cyborg from the future.

Private War (Rated R): In a world where journalism is under attack, Marie Colvin is one of the most admired war correspondents of today. She is fearless and rebellious, driven to the frontlines of conflicts across the globe. After being hit by a grenade, she wears a distinctive eye patch and is still as comfortable with war photographer Paul Conroy, to embark on the most dangerous assignment of their lives.

Ralph Breaks the Internet (Rated PG): Video-game bad guy Ralph and best friend Vanellope von Schweetz leave the comforts of Litwak's arcade in an attempt to save her game, Sugar Rush. Their quest takes them to the vast, uncharted world of the Internet, where they must rely on citizens, or Netizens, to help navigate their way.

Widows (Rated R): Four women connected by a debt left by their dead husbands' criminal acts are determined to take fate into their own hands.

Doctor Who: Resolution (Rated TVPG): As the New Year begins, a terrifying evil is stirring, from across the centuries of Earth's history. As the Doctor, Ryan, Graham, and Yaz return home, will they be able to overcome the threat to planet Earth.


Bad Times at the El Royale (Rated R): Seven strangers, each with a secret to bury, meet at Lake Tahoe's El Royale, a rundown hotel with a dark past. Over the course of one fateful night, everyone will have a last shot at redemption, before everything goes to hell.

The Bookshop (Rated PG): In England in 1959, free spirited widow Florence Green follows her lifelong dream by opening a bookshop in a conservative coastal town.

First Man (Rated PG-13): A biopic of astronaut Neil Armstrong, focusing on his life leading up to his becoming the first man to walk on the moon.

Halloween (Rated R): Laurie Strode confronts her long-time foe Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

The Hate U Give (Rated PG-13): Starr witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend Khalil at the hands of a police officer. Now, facing pressures from all sides of the community, Starr tries to find her voice in order to stand up for what's right.

Night School (Rated PG-13): A group of misfits who are forced to attend adult classes in the longshot chance they'll pass the GED exam.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (Rated PG): In search of a key to unlock a box from her late mother, Clara finds her way into a mysterious parallel world. She teams up with a soldier named Philip in order to brave the Fourth Realm to find the key and return harmony to the unstable world.

Old Man and the Gun (Rated PG-13): At age 70, Forrest Tucker infamously made his escape from the tough San Quentin prison. Once he had gained his freedom, he embarked on a new set of heists that left investigators scratching their heads and the public fascinated by the story. This true story details Tucker's life which includes a detective wrapped up in the case, and a female who takes a liking to Tucker despite the criminal path he's on.

Time Freak (Rated PG-13): If one could turn back time, could they win back the love of their life? That is the problem puzzling Stillman, a physics genius recently dumped by this stunning girlfriend Debbie. Therefore, after creating a timeline of their romance and a machine to rewind the past, he grabs his wingman Evan and sets off to right every wrong he made with Debbie. However, as this insane comedy proves, there are some mistakes too perfect for science to fix.

The Wife (Rated R): The story of a couple's youthful passion and ambition interwoven with a portrait of a marriage, thirty-plus years later, a lifetime's shared compromises, secrets, betrayals, and mutual love.

White Boy Rick (Rated R): Based on a true story of teenager Richard Wershe Jr., who became an undercover informant for the FBI during the 1980s and was ultimately arrested for drug-trafficking and sentenced to life in prison.

Doctor Who Season 11 (Rated TVPG): The brand new series of Doctor Who marks the arrival of Jodie Whittaker, the 13th Doctor - a super-smart force of nature - alongside a new team of friends. The show is full of action and adventure, humor and thrills, an unmissable adventure across all of space and time.

Fuller House Season 3 (Rated PG): The long-awaited sequel to the iconic hit Full House continues with more antics from D.J., Stephanie, Kimmy Gibbler and their children.

Mars Season 2 (Not Rated): The groundbreaking series returns, exploring the next phase of human colonization on Mars. Blending powerful drama, action, and visual effects, with insightful interviews featuring leading space-science innovators and thinkers - such as Elon Musk and Andy Weir - Mars explores the perils and promise of the next great frontier.

Stranger Things Season 1 (Rated TV-14): 1983, Indiana. A young boy vanishes into thin air. As friends, family, and local police search for answers, they are drawn into an extraordinary mystery involving top-secret government experiments, terrifying supernatural forces, and one very strange little girl.

Trollhunters Season 1 (Not Rated): When ordinary teenager Jim Lake. Jr. stumbles upon a mystical amulet on his way to school one morning, he inadvertently discovers an extraordinary secret civilization of mighty trolls beneath his small town of Arcadia. Suddenly destined to play a crucial role in an ancient battle of good and evil, Jim is determined to save the world, right after gym class.